John Jansen Graphic Designer / Artist

Zeitgeists Magazine #2


ZG#2 is the second of an extraordinary assembly of contemporary artists.
This edition contains the artwork of already 12 (!) brilliant and one-of-a-kind artists.
For each artist an unique booklet (or package) is designed with an exclusive selection of drawings, photographs or writings. Resulting in an amazing
collection of artworks and another beautiful 'sign of the time'!

Contributing artists #2:

Mark McCoy
Ashley Faye
Loke Rahbek
Ryan Lowry
Nina Hartmann
Chantal van der Ende-Appel
John Jansen
Alexander Toulas
Dusty Neal
Lisen Haglund
Sarina van Kessel

More info: - zeitgeistspublishing.tumblr
For sale:     - zeitgeists.bigcartel


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